“This colorful life” Painting Exhibition

“This colorful life” Painting Exhibition

Gretcher Loredo, a writer from the beginning of her youth, who ventured as a writer to two newspapers in Mexico for some years, had also discovered the love of painting at the age of 18 before entering the University where she finished her studies in engineering.

At the age of 19, she made a mural painting for the decoration of a school and years later the publication of her first book “The children of the Sun”, of the adventure genre. Her experimentation with painting and the study of artists from the Impressionist era leads her to embrace the abstract landscape genre, with which she most identifies. She does not stop doing work in different techniques and currents.

Travels are the fundamental essence of her works. Places that can not only be seen, but must be captured in acrylic and oil. The passion for photography leads to painting, and thus, hundreds of photographs taken by the artist during trekking and hiking are transformed into works of art, in Castles and mountains from the beloved Trentino in Italy, in Vesuvius from Naples, in romantic houses from Puglia, in the tropical sea from Mexico, in the steppes from Colonia, in flowers, canals and lakes from Holland, in mountains of flowers from Andorra, in castles and seas from Spain, capricious skies from Norway. Different and distant places as documented in the artist’s blog http://placesandotherplaces.blogspot.com/.

“My philosophy is to paint the places I have been” as the author’s signature. Gretcher still has artistic and literature projects in hand as the new book is coming soon.

You are cordially invited to view “this colorful life” exhibition on 21 May.


3:30 pm - 6:30 pm


mei 21 2022